Poem I Wrote of My Bus Riding Days

Silence disquiets him
So he fills the air
With nonsensical anecdotes
And his discomfort comes to bear.

His voice carries
Breaking our barriers
Of sanity,
And with a collective sigh
We all realize
His stop is next
And all shall be quiet
Up front once more.


The Dry Erase Board

There is a Dry Erase Board that hangs on the frig.  Most of the time we jot down groceries we need, something on TV we don't want to miss, or if LT wants to share something interesting with me when I get home.  On occasion, LT and I will hold conversations on said board, most of the time they stem from a comment she has heard or read.  Here's one of them:

Comment:  "Acting normal is just a game I play"

ME:  Me 2 I just suck at it!
LT:   1 game the "game player" can't play- Normal! LMAO

I'll be sharing more of these as they come up.

So, yeah...