Summer in the Pacific NW

Downey, CA (where I grew up) 11:12 pm, 0'' of rain, 71 degrees F.

Salt Lake City, UT (where I grew up emotionally) 12:12 am, 0'' of rain, 80 degrees F.

El Salvador C.A. (where I was born) 1:12 am, 0'' of rain, 78 degrees F.

Seattle, WA (close to where I live now) 11:12 pm, .3" of rain, 55 degrees F. Rain tapering off after midnight. Chance of thunderstorms. Lows in the upper 40s to mid 50s.

Now, this just might be me, but does the weather here in the Pac NW sound like Summer never arrived?

Oh, and get this... I am very excited about July 4th... For the first time in the seven years that I have lived here, firework enthusiast may not have to take their rain slickers to watch the show!

I like to think that I don't live in a city that has about 36 inches of rainfall annually ("which is, by the way, less rain than New York City gets a year...", natives like to point out) and an average of 200 cloudy days (I really don't know if this is true... I just made that fact up). I like to think that I live an a city that is Sunshine Challenged.

When we do have Sunny Days, everyone frantically looks for the cool sunglasses they bought last year. Then we all stand around outside, with our heads looking up expectantly, as if some obscure knowledge will be revealed to all, while we bask in the glow of that weird Yellow thing in the Sky.

Well at least I do...

Seriously, the Pacific NW is a beautiful place to live. It may have more cloudy days than I would like, and not as many hot days as I would want (my parents bring their down jackets when they visit), but it is Gorgeous Green here. It's the first thing that I noticed when I first arrived... JUST BEAUTIFUL!

All Hail Dorothy and the Emerald City!


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